This is what I got for christmas.. well most of if.. :)


The plates we ate off on christmas eve.. they are palm leaves.. :)


Sometimes puddles are your friends... :)


Santa or one of his elf though that for christmas i wanted the flu... eh no i really didnt.. ha ha..


My brother whos on a mission got to skype home for christmas.. :)

12-24-10-gingerbread men..

My gingerbread men where um going to a party.... but to be honest they look kinda funny.. ha ha..



Delivering presents!!!

12-21-10-candy education...

This is what my sister found when she opened her candy..... O candy trying to educate us or just make us feel bad... or both... im not even sure any more..

12-20-10-who took this

Who took this picture..... Im not telling ha ha.. =P


You get two pictures today because I couldn't decide which one to put up... The provo tabernacle caught fire on the 17th and today my brother and I went down to see what was left of it... Ill be doing a blog post about our adventure to this sad place soon. :)


I made this to go on the gifts for our neighbors..

12-17-10-take blood

my cat decided to day she wanted to take my blood.... Yes my cat made the hole in my arm....

12-16-10-early christmas

My brother who is on a mission sent home a box with some ward members who were passing throw here. we got it today.. i got a cool ice cream set and my sister got a huge sucker...


We got some snow finally.. and my brother made a snow snake head...



We have ice but now snow.. :(

12-13-10-my house

This would be my gingerbread house..



Picking up the basket the sky was amazing I wished I had my camera the best I had was my cell but it did ok..


Getting ready for Christmas!!


She didnt want to sleep in her bed so she slept on the couch...


I spent the day wrapping presents and making things for my brothers box.


I love Pirate O's and while we were there I saw these and blurted out look its a big box of FINGERS... ha ha


My brother helped me hang up christmas lights!

12-5-10-black friday

I 've been looking for aviator for a long time and I finally got some on black friday!!!


I found this at the story and I though it was so pretty!

12-3-10-text problem

My cat has a texting problem... This photo was not posed... I was on my phone and my cat wanted to play with my hand and this was the result.


Making gingerbread houses!!

12-1-10- old

I found this old house on one of my adventures I went on.. I love old house I wish I could have gone in it but it was gated off . but it still looked cool from the road.


Im one of the biggest fans of old cars. I LOVE them so mcuh!


My sister decided to take a crayon and paint her self orange.

11-28-10-falling star


O my!!! This park is one of the coolest parks I've ever been to. This toy or thing is scary fun! You can fly so high! my brother and I would shoot each other in the air. and also have kicking wars it was a blast.


I've always wanted to go and see this chair.. I finally got to.. I look kinda mad but its just cuz I was freezing.. It was so cold!!

11-25-10-Getting ready

This is what happens right before we get ready to leave on a trip...... Yes that is my sister and brother..


For those who have never been on a trip with me packing light is a hard thing for me...but this trip I did it.. well kinda.. I had one bag with clothing and hair stuff and one with camera and computer and then one with sleeping stuff.

11-23-10-What blizzard

We had a blizzard warning today and even though it skip our whole county and hit every where else in the state we did get some awesome light from it which made for some cool picture... but i was bum over now blizzard..


One of the card I made for my brothers mission box.


My niece wanted to be a fairy so we took some pictures.. :)


Sometimes I just take random pictures that have no meaning just because I though it looked cool at that moment

11-19-10-tea bag


If you've read my blog before you'll know I have no shame. Here is the latest no shame post I tucked my leggings into my
socks to keep warm and to keep them down under my pants ha ha...


I have some of the prettiest friends. Really I do and I love the they want me to take pictures of them... I took pictures with one of my gorgeous friends Jen today. It was so much fun.


11-15-10 my baby girl

All im going to say is Marly....

11-14-10-Love guitar man

Sometimes I like to just play with the ideas I have in my head here is one of them...


Sometimes we have alot of fun with freecycle stuff...


We got a Wii and I love the hula hooping game.


I love these shoes!!! I wish they fit all the way but eh who cares right ha ha..