5-17-11-Little bo peep

I took some pictures with Jen today. she got a little bo peep costume from her work and we went and did some picture. I LOVE them so much. cant wait to show them.

5-16-11-A hairy mess

My niece doesn't like have her hair done well at least by me but the other day she let me kinda braided it. it was kinda awesome.

5-15-11-mmmm sun

we finally got some sun and i went and socked some up!!


4-13-11-The reason i cant breath

5-12-11-PBj again...

5-11-11-no dressing please

I really dont like dressing on my salad



5-8-11-Mom day

For mothers day us kids turned our living room into a life size fairy garden from my mom. it took me and my sister 4 days of coloring and cutting and my brothers a night of sneaking around to hang up stuff to make everything happy. This is the first really surprise i'ver ever really been able to pull off.. thanks guys!!


My mom graduated!!


Mom was in a car accident today.. wasn't really her fault.. it was all just a crazy mess..

5-5-11-happy cinco

5-4-11-befor and after

I finally dyed my hair. the one on the left is before and the right is after. it looks better now that i've been using toner and its not so orangy yellow. but its all one color now!! yay!!


I took some picture with my friend Jen today.. I love them. can I say shes so pretty.


Here is the what i promised you from th preview back in April.


This is what the OPI crackle fingernail polish looks like.


the next letter would be an M yes PROM!! my brother went to PROM. ha ha..


I got me some hair dye and some nail polish today... :)


4-27-11-computer painting

I had an Idea inspired by Michael d Edens paintings.. lets just say hes are way cooler and not done on the computer... ha ha...

4-26-11-I dont

I dont always dress for the weather. ha ha..

4-25-11-hard drive

I finally got one.. ha ha about time i know.



My sisters a funny girl and she wanted to do my hair... so i let her.. maybe i shouldn't have. this is what happened.. (yes the comb is stuck in my hair)

4-22-11-Something you < 3

This post is about something i < 3. Now i heart many things but for this post its my AE jeans.. as many of you now I LOVE with a passion.

4-21-11-No Cats Up

We already know im an odd child but to add to the oddness I dont like ketchup on my fries... just a random fact... ha ha..

4-20-11-Ethans day

My brothers birthday was today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

4-19-11-monkey day

My nephew or as i like to call him monkey had a birthday today.. Happy birthday little one..