8-31-10-Happy Birthday

Today my little brother turns 21! Holly cow I feel old ha ha.. Happy Birthday Bro.


8-30-10-Just becasue

I have this quote hanging on my wall. I LOVE it!!


As I have said before my best friend is getting married.. SOON!! and im throwing her a shower. I made some gift bags today.. they turned out kinda cute..


8-28-10-Bountiful Basket

The truck was an hour late so we got to help unload the truck today as well as fill baskets..


8-27-10-Hanging out

I had the chance today to hang out with my cute little nephew and niece. I had so much fun. They are the super cute kids.



My best friend is getting married soon so I am throwing her a party! I made some dang cute invitations today!

8-25-10-champagne grapes

Once again bountiful baskets makes me happy! They gave me champagne grapes. No I didnt make champagne with them. I just ate them. The taste so good!! I was a happy girl!



Im kinda sending a package to my brother. There are these people from his mission coming down here to drop there son off at BYU and while they are down here they were going to pick up a few thing Matt left here so I decided to throw a few more things in the box other than what he needed..



My mom and I went up to Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago to get somethings I needed and while we were there my mom got me this cute owl.. I used some string I already had to turn it into a necklace.


8-22-10-Letters from home

When im procrastinating something I get really crafty.. weather that be by taking pictures or by making something doesn't matter i just do something crafty related. Lately I have been doing what I need to do but not with the joy I should have so I have been making my brother some pretty cool letters.. this is one that I made him..


8-21-10-another good shopping day

Today I got somethings I have been needing and somethings I have been wanting all for $4!!! I got 2 really nice jackets, A plaid dress, a white sheet (for photo shoots) a plaid table cloth (also photo shoot stuff ha ha)5 scrap booking books, 5 scrap booking papers, a vase, about 50 yards of nylon tulle, a doll, and what you cant see is the really old white suit case that its all in.(also for photo shoots)


8-20-10-originally $37.40

Originally all of this stuff would have cost me $37.40 but because I hit a good sale it only cost me $21.69 and that with tax!!



I've made a quote book of quotes from me and or my friend or other things that I want to make a photo album to go with..



One of my friends gave me this bracelet and I wear it every day along with my love your liver band and my CTR ring!


I love the flower headbands but I didnt want to pay a lot for them so I went to the craft store and got some stuff and made me one.. I LOVE it!!! I think i look kinda funny in the picture but the head band is awesome ha ha..

8-16-10-Glitter toes

I LOVE painting my nails. Im not sure why but its one of the many things I just LOVE to do..



I LOVE bubbles. I got scented bubbles at the dollar store a while ago and finally opened them.. not quite what i was expecting but they are bubbles so I dont care.


O how I hate allergies. They have been really bad the last few days even with meds.. :(


8-13-10-blood sweat and tears

Today was full of 3 doctors visits (just the normal stuff.. make sure the meds are still working, check ups and what not) at one of the appointment I had to have my blood drawn hence the blood. it was a hot day hence the sweat ha ha and tears well lack of sleep and crazy stress make for those ha ha.. but at the eye doctors appointment they no longer give those 3d looking glasses they give out really sun glasses! so I got some sweet eye doctor shades!!!


8-12-10-4 months all ready!!!

I cant believe my brother has been gone on his mission for 4 months now!!! this is a letter I made and sent him.. :)


8-11-10-When I go hiking I take...

When I go hiking I take a camelback, a jacket, a gps to track distance and time and PAINT BALLS!!! why you ask.. actually I dont take them I find them on the trail and then later use them to mark the trail when it splits so I can find my way back. :)


8-10-10-I tryed

I have made these while camping but I wanted to try and make them in a stove... I tried and they worked I just filled them to much.. but they tasted good!!


My mom and I were going shopping and on our way we saw thing on the freeway. We think its an air plane wing but we are not sure... ha ha.


When i make crafts of any kind this is what happens.... Things are all over the place till im done.. ha ha

8-7-10-antelope island

We went to antelope island today!!! I had never been so we went for a family trip! It was tons of fun. pictures of the whole trip will be on the other blog soon!

8-6-10-Timp Cave

My family and I hiked timp cave today! It was awesome!!! At the end of the tour the lady was giving out stickers to the kids and any one else that wanted one Yep you got it.. I wanted one!!!

8-5-10-laundry day

I normally do my laundry on mondays but sometimes if I dont need to or someone else need the to on that day I will wait till another day.. Today was laundry day!!!


8-4-10-My life's a rainstorm of "I Love You's"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE rainstorms. Today has been nothing but a bunch of rainstorms! what a grate day it has been! ha ha


So I have talked about bountiful baskets before while this past week we got plantains. I fried them up and ate some..


I've lived her for hum... like 17 years and I have never hiked to the G till tonight!! I finally did it!! Not the easiest hike in the world but not the hardest one either.. but very pretty and very much worth it..


I found this in the door to my car the other day.


There is this little place called freecycle and every so often a person give away something I can use.. the other day I hit tons of jack pots.. in one of the loads I got this tie which I can use for a skirt im hoping to finish before I die ha ha.. but I though it was so cool!!!