3-31-11-and water

Fire and water..


We've already established that im odd but I really like to eat my cereal out of a cup...


Time for a ginger bath..


so Im normaly 96 but now im 100.... :(



3-25-11-rainy days...


I spent the day with my mom and we ate at a really good place called sammys.

3-23-11-shower hair

sometimes my hair looks better before i get in the shower than it did all day.. ha ha..


I always love me a good game of bball.



I haven't done a post like this in a while so I though it would be fun to start them up again. today's is what is your favorite memory. Mine is a few years ago my brother and I went to the point of the mountain and watched the forth of July fire works together. it was a really fun night.


So today Id like to wish happy birthday to Mr. "cinnamon roll" Fitch who turns um.... im not going to say his age ha ha... and happy birthday to my niece who turns 2! happy birthday you two!


I got crafty this weekend and made me a new necklace and some earrings along with a bracelet and necklace matching set. :)

3-18-11-Red friday

3-17-11-Happy green day

Happy St Patrick's Day!!


I've had a killer migraine for the past few days.. :(

3-15-11-Baby girl

This is my baby girl... :) she is carzy but i love her...

3-14-11-Things I found while hiking...

Here are somethings I found today while hiking... I only kept one of them... im sure you can guess which one that would be ha ha..

3-13-11-I less than 3


3--12-11-My eyes thank you.

I go this a few days ago and my eyes are loving it.. It feels so nice!!


3-11-10-mirror on the car?

While driving home from a photoshoot today this is what i saw.. Bags hanging out the window of a car then i realized they did not have a review mirror on that side of that car..? if you own this car maybe you can explain this to me. dont worry my passenger took this photo not me... ha ha..


3--10-11-O deer? yes honey !

I went hiking today and the deers where everywhere!


3-9-11-tip me over and pour me out..

3-8-11-Welcome to my tea party

I dont know how many of you have herd the song Tea party by Kerli but one day it was on in my car when my nephew got in and he said he loved it and he started dancing a long. then he said he wanted a tea party.. to make this long story even longer we asked his mom if we could have a tea party with him and his sister. she said yes and so we did. we made fresh orange juice and thanks to my brother who had made cookie earlier this week we had cookies. it was quite the tea party.

3-7-11-Letter Day

Today is the day I send of my brothere mission box.. So you guessed it handmade card day!! Whoot Whoot!!


Ill admit im one of those people who scans there calls.. and if you know me you know this. but if i know if im waiting for a call and a number show up with no name im more likely to pick it up than if this pops up on my phone.. just saying.

3-5-11-Prettiest when

Im working on a quote book like think here is one picture from it. I got the idea for it here.


I've blog about this AMAZING cookie before but Its so good I had to blog about it again. they are amazing!!


3-3-11-I love


I painted my nails cuz i was bored out of my mind one day.. this is how they turned out..

3-1-11-Who picks the frams.?

I went to a museum today with my bff jill ;) it was a good museum. after we went shopping and got something for up coming photoshot...

2-28-11-rocketship underpants

Today was just one of those days where nothing was going right. and this picture just seemed appropriate for the day.


This is how my nephew likes to get around..

2-26-11-Rock star

My brother did a music video for a friend and he need to look like he was in a band. so I helped him. I chose his pants, gave him some of my more manly braclets, did his hair. I even convinced him to let me put some eye liner on him.

2-25-11-Snowy tree

It snowed today and I mean snowed... but by noon you wouldn't have even know it..


My nephew and sister -in-law brought this for me. I LOVE it!!

2-23-11-yellow stop

I came home one day and this lady was putting yellow balloons all down our street i didnt know what they were for till later that day when i found out my neighbor was coming home from a mission. but i though the one on the stop sign made for a cool picture.


My sister made my nephew a car then i took him and it out for a drive..


I was doddle on my sticky notes and this is what came out... my sister now has it on her wall.. =P


My niece has the cuties earrings.

2-19-11-in the clouds

You want to know where my head has been lately... Its been in the clouds..