Today after I got out of class I went and applied for a job and after that I decided I wanted to do some exploring. I love the being of fall the colors are amazing. so I headed to a local cemetery where a few year a go this lady told me there was this amazing statue. I did not fine the one she was talking about how ever I found a grate military monument!! What is the best thing you have found while exploring?


9-29-10-gluten free pancakes

I haven't had pancakes in FOREVER so today I made gluten free pancakes and homemade syrup they were actually really good minus the flour chunks that i didtn get fully mixed in ha ha.. What kind of syrup do you like on your pancakes?

9-28-10-I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine

There is a song Called Billionaire by Travie Mccoy. it goes "I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad buy all of the things I never had uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and the Queen" We received this...(see picture) in the mail today and it reminded me of a friend I have who wants to be a Billionaire and be on the cover of Forbes magazine. this is the conversation we had the other day..

Me "have you heard the song Billionair by travie Mccoy?"
CJ "yeah i wrote that song!with out the f bomb"

Now you know why I started laughing when I got the mail today... If you where on the cover of Forbes who would you want to be on there with you?



This was attached to one of my tea bags and I like it.. :)


I LOVE gushers!!!

9-25-10-T-shirt necklace

I've seen these all over and wanted to try making one from a free t-shirt I got.. didnt work out quite like I wanted it to but it looks good for not really knowing what I was doing ha ha..

9-24-10-blue mace

Thanks to my besty and her hubby I know am the owner of blue mace.. :)


I made more button earrings.. I just love them.. :)


9-22-10-walking is no bueno

Today I decide to walk down to my brother and sister in laws house. Its about 2 miles from my home.. Because it was off and on raining I decided to wear real shoes and not flip flops... Yeah this is what those shoes did to my feet... o yeah and they ened up bloody to.. ha ha.

9-21-10-Nigh driving

First off let me say I was not driving when this picture was taken.. ha ha.. Me and my brother went exploring and i was taking pictures. Though this one turned out kinda cool..


A while ago my grandma gave me this necklaces I think it was my grate grandmas but either way I LOVE it!!



I've been looking for a long time for pink glitter nail polish. Well I finaly FOUND some!!!

9-18-10-Meet Chassie

I spent most of my Saturday hanging out with an old friend from school doing a photo shoot marathon. We went to one of the places I've been dying to take pictures at. First off I love photo shoot marathons and 2 Chassie is a supper cute girl and was all for it. So it made for a grate Saturday of shoot! :)


Im all for doing it your self.. So this week I made a thing to dry our camelback.


9-16-10-crazy cat

Marley deiced that she wanted to sleep on my desk..


9-15-10-Idk my bff jill

I've been friends with Michelle for hum... 10 or 11 years now ha ha.. And today she got MARRIED!! (The image is not edited so stay tuned for edited images of the wedding they are going to be AWESOME)


9-14-10-no swiping

On a web sight if you try to right click this is what you would see. I though it was so funny..



This is Alex the lion..



So today I had a photo shoot and I step in you guessed it gum.. It was hot so the gum was gooey and gross and I walked in rocks and had a big gooey mess on my shoe.. thank goodness for the puddle there or my shoe would not look like this.. (Yes this picture was taken after the cleaning of the shoe well kinda cleaning of the shoe.)



Its 9/11. Theres so much and yet so little I can say. So heres a picture to look at.



Today I went on a bike ride on a new trial. It was to sum it up AMAZING!!! The trail is beautiful!!


9-9-10-psot it

My mom left this for me this morning...

9-8-10-O YUMMMY

I LOVE these things... Could eat them for every meal...


The computer I use for blog pictures crashed.. :( but i got it up in safe mode so i could get all my pictures off..


9-6-10-behind the scenes

I had a photo shoot today with a good family friend! :) Photos to come soon on the other blog. but here are some shoot from behind the sense..


9-5-10-Call it a sick day

I woke up this morning feeling like a truck full of gunk hit me and then I got a bloody nose that just keep running.. so I spent the day curled up in a chair in an over sized scrub top and pj bottoms wish it would go away.. ha ha.. on the up side I LOVE the chair im sitting in. I got it for free..



We got a new washer today and it was on sale!!


I hiked the Y today with my modray.


9-2-10-Cake balls

I made cake pops or balls what ever name you want to call them today for a bridal shower. They turned out grate.. I owe a huge thanks to my mom and sister for helping me get them done on time.. :)


9-1-10-Something you may not know about me!

I have always loved to dance. I may just be the next SYTYCD winner.. Ok maybe not but I bet you didnt know I could do this or that and look half as redonkulousha as I do.