1-29-11-How much did you spend..

Have I ever told you that Im kind of a good shopper... Well I am.. and heres the proff you need..


I took pictures with my friend Jen today. The look amazing.. Here is one of them.. Shes such a doll.. Love her to death!!


I was a model for SexyModest and we had a reward night we we got custom bracelets and I even bought a few thing... they have the cuties thing ever...


My gorgeous friend Chassie turned 21 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!!


Yes he might just kill me for putting up his little kid pictur but o is my older brother golden birthday... the day you turn the same age as the day.. =P Happy birthday Big Bro... Loves Ya..


I saw this and though of my friend Jared who really wanted Muffins . at the bottom of it says not for wussies..


My newsiest quote book photo.

1-22-11-favorite book

Today was what is your favorite book.. one of my favorite books is When The Brave Ones Cried.


There is this game on facebook called it girl that I've found kinda fun you get to go shopping and everything... and one part you need to get a boy friend so you have to " flirt" guys how every this i found fun disturbing. id never flirt with my brother.

1-20-11-Drawn on

This is by far one of the most amazing graffiti art work


I found out about a photo challenge where you post a photo a day of your favorite thing... Im going to randomly be doing these post im kinda excited for them.. but I wanted to take it a step farther and do some photoshop work because I need to get better at that... so for today its my favorite smells.. they are clean laundry and Jake by Hollister.. :)


I LOVE LOVE painting my nails....

1-17-11-fish story

My nephew came over today and we went for a walk and he really wanted to see ducks so I put water in the tub and some fish and ducks....


1-16-11-Cut cut..

So you know there are those time you get your hair cut and you just love it and you what to show it off to everyone. then there are those time when you get it cut and you are thinking what the heck have i just done. how soon can i find a hat.. well lets just say my hair cut is the last one. before you say but its so cute.. I dont care. I dont like it... I feel like i look like an old lady with little girl hair.. o man... :(



Today is Michelles birthday.. joyeux anniversaire Michelle! =P


1-14-11on the back

My niece and nephew where playing horse with grandma for a while but grandma had some work to do so i started playing with them..



Its my friend Jons birthday tomorrow, and for the sake of this blog post hes turning um 23 tomorrow.. ha ha so Hau'oli la Hanau Me ke Aloha pumehana Jon. =P

1-12-11-I need to clean.

I need to do some major cleaning..

1-11-1-Blanket fort

What better to do on 11111 than build a huge blanket fort with my nephew and niece in my living room..


Im doing a quote book for my other blog Onnalee photography go check it out. Its an on going project. here is one that was inspired by the lyrics from a the song if i die young by the band perry

1-9-11-call the wambulance

This maybe a picture of my blanket but I felt like such crap today you it fits the title well..


my desk is kinda a mess.. I need to clean it up.

1-7-11-poor jack

My sister decided to dress one of our cats up in her bear clothing..


Who doesn't love pearls earnings especially when you get them for free on a buy one get one free sale..


Brother and sister.. just chillen..


1-4-10-Best caramel ever

Santa also gave me this.... Its the best caramel ever if you haven't had it you need to.. its amazing!!!

1-3-10-being eaten

My sister put this on my desk and said the goo was giving me gum.....

1-2-10-Yum cookie

Santa brought me this. I was surprised it was actually really good.. a little dry but other than that really good.. ha ha..


I've been looking for pants forever... I kinda need some new ones... so today my brother and I ventured out and I found some only they didnt have the size i need.. not even online... so i final just bough a pair i knew would fit for a wile even though they were a little big just cuz I need something to cover me... the cashier though that was funny.. but hey they cover me thats all that matters right... ;)


I like playing this game when I go shopping where you or the person your with dresses up in odd clotting you find in the store... I played said game with my brother... I think he should take up golf now... ha ha.


I love luminarias. Simply put they just make the street look cool.