7-25-11-More and more

Um shoes.. O how I love new shoes..


While I was at my sister in laws grandmas she pulled out her nail polish and she had some scented stuff, Turns out it really works. It was by far some of the coolest nail polishes i've ever seen.

7-23-11-Lost in the ghetos

Welcome to the ghettos of Vegas. yes its as creepy as it sounds..


7-21-11-more swimming


7-19-11-just keep swimming


On our way to Cal... It was supper windy.

7-17-11-Happy waiting

Day 21 Makes you happy
There are quite a few things that make me happy like my baby cat marly or being at the beach but the song The longer the waiting the sweeter the kiss by Josh Turner is one of those song that always makes me happy.


Day 20, Letter to someone

7-15-11-O the point

Day 19, a sweet memory from your past.
The memory I chose to go with is from a few years ago when my brother and I went to the point for fireworks on the 4th of july it was a really fun night after a really long day of school work for me.

7-14-11-plans and dreams

Day 18 Plans dreams goals I have... I have many plans, hope dreams ect.. But some of them are I want to get married and have kids. I want to get my bachelors of fine arts.

7-13-11-Matt I think yes..

Day 17, someone Id trade placed with for a day and why?
I really though about this and couldn't come up with a good answer so I went with my funny answer. Id trade place with Luciana Barroso. Why you ask so I could spend a Whole day with the ever so good looking Matt Damon that is why..

7-12-11- long road


Day 16 Random picture of you




Day 15 Ipod shuffle top ten song
1. At last- Daphne loves derby 2. crash and burn Jess Mcartney
3.On the rise Dr. Horrible 4.Come sail away Styx
5. Seize the day Avenge sevenfold 6 Father of mine Everclear
7.Beautiful splinter Jeremy Grene 8.Life is real Ayo
9.Crazy little thing Queen 10. Seven deadly sins Floggen Molly

7-8-11-Long day

I spent most of my day with my nephew at my sisters soccer games.. dont get me wrong hanging with my nephew was grate it was the weather and the long drives that weren't fun.


Day 14 Family Picture


I got a new phone.. If you saw or tried to use my old phone you'd know why I got a new one.. ha ha.. I was sharing my old one with my brother and it got pretty banged up and to the point where it would just turn off and would turn back on.. :(

7-5-11-IT CAME IT CAME!!

I got a new camelback and Im so excited.. I no longer have a leaky bladder ha ha..


7-3-11-fav 5

Day 13 5 fav books
mine are 1. When the braved ones cried. 2 The worrier with in
3.The birth that we call death. 4 The giver 5. To kill a mocking bird

7-2-11-Happy 12

Today my little crazy sister turns 12.. In the picture above is is being a really fat person.. ha ha.. O how I love her..


7-1-11-Not good with words..

Day 12-write a poem to someone you love
I wrote this one for my brothers when they were deployed. Im not really good with words so dont judge ha ha.

You stand there getting ready to leave the only place you've called home.

I know you'r scared.

I see it in your eye and I can hear it on you voice when you say your ok.

But It's ok to be scared

Just know that all of us here are praying for you.

The Marks on sleeves and

the tags around your neck

tell people your rank and name but it doesn't tell them that you are;

you are someon's dad,brother,wife,mother, son or dauter.

It doesnt tell them that you are;

someon'e knightn' shinning armor, somone's hero, someon's everthing

and that there is somone watting for you to come home.

Its hard to see you off and it only gets harder with time.

I know why you do it and i can't say i blame you, but i miss you.

The hope that your okay

and might finally get some sleep tonight.

Now you stand there getting ready to leave to come home

but, don't worried the world will soon know that you are;

More than a name and rank

but that you are:

someone's dad, brother,wife,mother, son or dauter.

you are;

someone's knightn' shinning armor, somones hero, someone's everthing.

The world will soon know that there is some one wating for you to come home.

The world will soon know that i love you more than they can understand.

The world will soon know they should supported you.