My eyeshadow make a fish.


I took my sister and her friend tick or treating this year so I dressed up as a lady bug... did you dress up? if so as what?

10-29-10-sky fire

Lucky me I have a brother who can drive and is willing to take my places so I can take pictures when the sky looks like it is on fire.


E.L.F was having a huge sale and I got some makeup at a grate price.. it made my day..


Our rabbits...


I mdad this scarf like thing.. I love the way it tured out..


I woke up this morning to find SNOW!!! I love almost everything about snow except driving in it... what is your favorite thing about snow!



My nephew and I made some super good sugar cinnamon cookies today... they taste almost like snicker doodles but 100 times better!!



I've been pretty much been writhing this talk for the past 2 weeks or sense I got the topic but I finally finalized it today.. Do you wait till the last min to wright your speech/talk or do you do it right away?

10-22-10-Nephew day

I spent the morning with my nephew.. It was lots of fun. we played at the park and had a picnic..

10-21-10-the olden days

My sister and her friend decided to play dress up in my clothing... after I realized they were playing in my clean stuff I got out my photo shoot clothing and let them play in that and I kept hearing wow this is like from the olden days... .


I sometimes still make CD's for my car in the case my ipod dies or i need the plug it uses for something else. Today I made a pretty sweet CD.. Do you have any songs I could add to either my ipod or cd list? :)


I just Love LOve LOVE salad!!


My sister wanted me to count how many earnings I had, than how many necklace's,rings ect... I have 145 pairs of earnings about 75 something rings, 74 necklaces, and 141 bracelets... Holly cow ha ha... Do I love my jewelery.. ha ha

1017-10-Found It

I've been looking for a big Christ statue I could get a picture of other than the one up at Salt Lake for a quote book Im doing.. I finally out one at a random house..


I wanted to take my sister camping but it didn't happen so we lit the coals on our pourch and cooked our camping food out there.. the peach cobbler was the best.. what is your favorit part of camping? and do you have any good camping recipes?


Im not huge into the present thing.. so for my birthday I like to go exploring.. this year we went to a costume shop... it was awesome! What do you like to do for you brithday?



I got this in the mail! Its from my brother whos on a mission. Its by far one of the sweeties present i've gotten... it made me laugh and cry ha ha.. what is the best birthday gift you have gotten?



Today I took my brothers family pictures.. all i can say is they have one CUTE family!!!

10-12-10-in your wedding dress

Today I took some pictures for my best friend we went on quite the adventure for just a few photos but it was well worth it. whats the funnest place you've had your picture taken?


Ok so here in amarica its called soccer. Today I went to one of my sisters games and took some pictures.. what is your favorit sport..?



today at 10:10 it was 10:10 10/10 crazy I know..

10-9-10- Happy Elders

Im getting the box ready to send to my missionary brother for this month.. We are sending him and his companion a Halloween stuff.. Whats your favorite Halloween candy?


So I was browsing the interweb for something and I came across this.. Now go a head and call me crazy but would you pay the clearance price for this vest let alone the original price for this.. I wouldn't just say'n. (sorry about the bad photo I dont have screen capture on this computer)



I was taking pictures with my brothers cat to send to him on his mission ha ha.. and the best way to put it is I felt like i looked like I was homeless.. ha ha.. it was a grunge kinda day.. What's the weirdest thing you've gone out in public wearing?


10-6-10-guitar string

I made this out of a broken guitar string... any cool ideas of what to make out of guitar strings?


There is this old house just a few blocks from mine that was perfect for taking picture.. a little creepy but cool. it has been a while since I have been there and I guess they have decided to do some redecorating.. Im not really loving there choice or art work.. just saying.. the old stuff was better ha ha... Have you ever explored and old house and found something awesome?



Art any one..? I wanted to try marbling paper but instead I ended up finger painting. ha ha.. any fun craft ideas?


If you didnt know already I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint my nails.. what is your favorite color of nail polish?



I have this shirt and im in the prossess of redoing it.. I will post the after picture when I finaly get it done.. Are you a fan of DYI projects?

10-1-10-Go red

I got this in the mail yesterday its a pin and I got it for FREE they just sent it to me.. how awesome is that!!! What is the most awesome thing you got in the mail?