4-18-11-Happy 20

Happy 20th to my brother...


We got a star fruit in the basket this week. I'd never had one be for. it was a little different.

4-16-11-Argh matey

I spent the day playing with my nephew he was a pirate of his own boat.

4-15-11-Red Friday

4-14-11-ketchup and mustard

As promised a picture of our new dresses. I also took some pictures of my mom for graduation so here is a preview of those.

4-13-11-egg cracking

My sister and I made rice krispies but we put mini eggs inside them.

4-12-11-this is how we do it..!

late night watching movie in my bed...


4-10-11-Yes or No!?

I helped my brother ask a girl to Prom.. She answered him by making him follow string all over our neighborhood till he found a little jar of candy. If there was more orange than blue she would go with him....

4-9-10-Letter day

This is the letter I made for my brother.. well one of them. this box had 2 one birthday one and this Easter one!


4-8-11-we have ketchup and mustard

My mom is graduating in 4 weeks with her masters! Go MOM!! so we went shopping today for her a dress. We got her one and she got me a new sunday dress (Thank mom!). Ill show the whole dress in another post dont worry but the belts on our dress look like ketchup and muster..

4-7-11-cant stay long..

Im just visiting....


4-6-11-Mr. Candy man.

First off im going to say I dislike sprinkles very much and i had seen other photo kind like this and wanted to try it. I think it turn out pretty sweet.. (pun intended)


4-5-11-IGrass stains

My brother had a block of ice he didnt need any more so I took my nephew out front to where we have a slight hill in our law and we did some good ol' ice blocking. It was so much fun.

4-4-11-I sleep

I sleep with mace so dont mess with me... ok just kidding but the other night felt kinda creepy and i almost wanted to sleep with it under my pillow just in case ha ha..

4-3-11-Jack I CAN!!

4-2-11-Old friends

My mom meet up with her old room mate and me and my sister got to meet her. She's a really cool lady.


Here is a preview of something to come.. if your not following my other page you should be cause it will mostly show up there first.